Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day
Oil on linen, 44" x 52"
Collection of George Lucas

“After victory was won the entire city of Naboo celebrates with all fanfare. The youth of the city-state along with the gungans are jubilant at the prospects of a new world of hope peace and freedom in Naboo. Banners and drums and the sounds of trumpets fill the air with shouts of unity and peace throughout the empire. Children are seen laughing waving streamers and looking ahead to a bright new future. The scene depicted shows a joyous procession spreading out to all corners of Naboo.” -- Allan R. Banks

This painting was created as part of the Star Wars Art: Visions project of Lucasfilm, Ltd. Top artists were personally chosen by George Lucas to participate in the project, which included the production of a gorgeous fine art book written by Jonathan Rinzler, executive editor of Lucasfilm. The fine art book including a limited edition of 500 was published November 2010 by Abrams Books, New York..


© Allan R. Banks, Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day

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